Last day with the Misionary Catechist/ Tutors

Last March 12, 2011, Saturday, we had the whole day evaluation and meeting with our Fourth year Missionary Catechists and tutors. It was a day of reflection and recalling back how they have live out their being a Catechist/ Tutor and a Spinolanian. It was a day of gratitude and thanksgiving for all that they have learned as a student catechists/ tutors at the same time desiring to answer to the challenge of what is ahead of them when they pursue their college education.

Towards the end,when we had the last prayer we also had the giving of the Spinola scarf. It was our 'pabaon' to them as they moved out from or school. In giving them the Spinola scarf we said: _________(name) receive the Spinola scarf symbol of your commitment to live the values of Christ and the values of the spinola family. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. We prayed that their experience of being loved and cared for in our school will moved you them to continue doing what is good and live out the values a true Spinolanian.