Caminando con Jesucristo (Filipinas)

It was one Friday afternoon when the school community had a different walk, a simple walk, a walk with people, a walk with faith, and a walk with Jesus. To commemorate the Paschal mystery we did a way of the cross.

This way of the cross is composed of readings from the Gospels, reflections based on present realities and prayers.

We walked toward every station. And in our walk we sang, we reflected and prayed, with the hope that in this way, we come into solidarity with the suffering humanity; that in this way, we will be reminded that when we suffer, Jesus also suffers with us, and that we will open our hearts to the truth that we are so loved by God that He allowed His only begotten Son to become human, to live, to suffer and to die for us.

We ended up the celebration in a solemn way. And I am sure that even we departed on our ways to continue on our work, some reflections have stayed in our hearts:
“There’s no glory without sacrifice”
“Christ is victorious on the Cross”