From December 24- 27, 2012, the whole Philippine Delegation gathered together to celebrate Christmas and a two day meeting in Zamboanga City. We enjoyed and savored the presence of each other in this joyful celebration when God became human like us in a helpless and fragile baby born in the manger, Jesus our Lord. We shared life, joys, laughters and experiences of bliss and challenges of our life and mission. We especially enjoy the good food most were coming from the gifts of our friends and benefactors here in Zamboanga City.

The two day meeting were also very helpful since we talked about things pertaining to our family, our religious family where everyone has to know and learn. Also, we relax together as we spend a night of recreation watching the ‘dancing fountain’ of  Paseo del Mar, here in Zamboanga City. Indeed, there is no other way to celebrate this Christmas season than to celebrate it with special people closest to your heart and to the Heart of the Savior.