The whole delegation met for our year end evaluation and planning in Zamboanga City from April 14- 17, 2013. As the sisters started to arrive, we felt once again the joy of coming and being together as one family, this time minus one with Lola already in Spain. The usual joyful and familial atmosphere was experienced by each one as we were going each day- praying together, celebrating the Eucharist, sharing and evaluating our whole year and then later, planning together.

The highlight of the meeting was the excitement of each one to know our new ‘tinaja’ for the school year and especially to know who will be assigned to Vietnam together with Sr. Nilda. When it was announced on the last day of the meeting, everybody was excited and later happy. I can sense how open and available were each of the sisters in accepting peacefully the new assignment (tinaja) for this school year. It might be difficult to be uprooted and to be transfered once again, but we are trusting the Heart of Jesus who made and is making and will be making things possible for us. I can feel how each sister in the delegation surrendered and made ourselves available to whatever and wherever Jesus Heart would bring us to.

“Here is your handmaid Lord, be it done to me according to Your word.”