EMSS (Marcelo Spinola School) holds Peace Camp

Día de la Paz en Filipinas

To have peace is the undying aspiration of each of us here in Mindanao and so we are trying on our own ways to have a part in obtaining the long- desired peace. In relation with this, every last week of November to first week of December, the whole Mindanao celebrates the Week of Peace.

Here in Ipil, ZamboangaSibugay, the ESPA (Educators Students Peace Advocates) with the collaboration of the Local Government spear head the said event. This year, the Mindanao Week of Peace started with a “Lakang sa kalinaw” or walk for Peace last November 27, 2014, delegates from the different schools marched on the streets of Ipil to tell people not to be tired to pray for long- lasting peace in Mindanao, to give, share, live and proclaim peace.

Other activities during the week were the following: “Pasundayag sa Kalinaw” or tribute for peace, environmental exposure in Buluan Island, forum about the Bangsamoro basic Law, and the Peace Camp which we hosted last November 29- 30.

Peace Camp is a venue for the youth to understand different cultures through dialogue and encounter and to develop friendship, which are essentials in obtaining peace. Since our School is one of those who have a big ground and can accommodate a good number of participants we accepted the request. It was a successful and meaningful one for the participants. On our part, to host the said event   was not that easy but thinking that in this way we support the advocacy for peace we are consoled. The Mindanao Week of Peace ended with a “bangkete sa kalinaw”, which we also hosted. It was an “eat- together for peace” as a culmination and a celebration for the success of all the activities.

May the Ipilenos indeed will not feel tired of hoping, praying and working for peace.

Elmor Balnig,adc

Peace Day Philipines

Peace Day Philipines