Youth Encounter Marcelo Spínola School

In April 25, Saturday in the afternoon to Sunday, April 26 after lunch in our school ground, Marcelo Spinola School, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay we had the Youth Encounter with our alumni. There were 56 alumni who joined, most of them are studying in Ipil and some in Zamboanga  and other parts of the Mindanao and Visayas. This is the first ever Youth Encounter that we had exclusively with our alumni. We have the theme; “Throwback: Tatak Spinola, Pusong Bukas Palad!” Also we included the celebration of the Year of the Poor as we celebrate it here in the Philippines, part of the 9 year preparation for the 500 years of the Christianization of the Philippines. At the same time, we included the celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life that Pope Francis declared this year.

The activities were as follows: Registration, GTKY (Getting to know you), Opening Para Liturgy, merinda, then Session I, where they recall their significant experiences while they were still here in Marcelo Spinola School. How did they experience God and how this experience helped or not helped them in their journey. Later was the dinner, then the taize prayer with the veneration of the cross, which the alumni considered as highlight where they felt they experienced God most. Later was the movie watching until midnight. The following day, we started with a prayer with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Lauds then exercise followed by breakfast. Later is the session on Vocation, then an activity on Solidarity, after which was the celebration of the Mass, then lunch together…later was the evaluation and games for those who stayed.

There was a familial atmosphere, we laugh, we dance, we played, we ate and we prayed together. Truly we are children of Marcelo Spinola and Celia Mendez….We hope and we look forward to have a youth group among our alumni in Ipil and Zamboanga City. Thanks to all who responded… see you soon…and see you always in the Heart of Christ.