“Spinola Week 2016”- A Week with Fr. Marcelo

It is a custom of the school to celebrate the Spinola Week as our gratitude to our Fr. Founder who is the reason of our existence as a Spinola Family and so this year we tried to have a more meaningful and participative celebration.

“Spinola Week 2016”- A Week with Fr. Marcelo

We started in preparing the ambiance of the school. Students created an informative and creative Spinola Gallery featuring Fr. Marcelo’s life and the mission in each of the countries where we are present. Outside you can take pictures with the “I love Spinola” 3D- like letterings and the big images of our Fr. Founder with his deeds and sayings.

To formally open the said festivity, we walked down the street last January 18, 2016 wearing the typical dress of the different countries where the Spinola Sisters are. Under the heat of the sun we entertained the people by the joyful spirit that Spinolanians have. After the short rest, we had the “Entrance of the Colors” this consists of the entrance of the special Spinola characters; Fr. Marcelo, Mo. Celia, First ADC Sisters and the representatives per country. Here we highlighted the values we carry as Spinola Family in the world.   In the afternoon, we had the “Saranggola Festival” wherein students who represented the class showed their skills in making their kites fly. These personalized kites contain the image of Fr. Founder and his famous sayings. It was fun!

On the day of his death anniversary, we had a solemn mass celebrated by a CMF priest who significantly highlighted the poverty of Fr. Marcelo inviting the students to live simply, appreciate the things that they have and live for others. This was followed by a simple agape for the teachers. After which we had a classroom activity for students, here we prayed, we showed our gratitude and deepened our knowledge of our Founder.

Imitating our Fr. Founder’s merciful heart for the poor, the following day chosen students with teachers and some Sisters went to the jail for a visit bringing with them the simple gifts and food for the prisoners. Here, they were able to have a conversation with the inmates who gave them pieces of advices that will help them for the rest of their lives. The students who were left at school had the battle of the brains, proving that they really knew our Fr. Founder. It was entertaining and very informative. The missionary catechists also went to their respective mission areas (elementary schools) to make known to the children who is Fr. Marcelo.

Friday, was more enjoyable we had our alternative classes which we tried to relate to the life of our Fr. Founder. The dynamic was this; students were given the chance to enrol in any of the offered classes. To accommodate all the students there were 2 sessions per category and they were also given the chance to enjoy the Spinola games which were designed and prepared by our Grade 10 students. It was tiring but fun!

To culminate the one week celebration we had our family day last January 23, plenty of activities were also done to entertain everyone.  With the present of the parents we were assured that we are not alone in the mission to announce the personal love of Jesus.

Thank you Fr. Marcelo for allowing us to take part of this challenging but beautiful mission.

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