Fiesta del sagrado Corazón en Filipinas

Marcelo Spinola School celebrates the FEAST OF THE SACRED HEART, July 1, 2011.

The first day and first Friday of the month of July was the Feast of the Sacred Heart. The first two periods in the morning were dedicated for the prayer, reflection and activity of the students proper for the feast. Upon entering the gate of the school building, there was the board with a drawing of a very big heart, symbolizing Jesus heart and some pictures in it – pictures of displaced families because of the recent flood, pictures of poverty and violence in the different parts of the world as well a picture of a happy family with the words ‘who is/are in the heart of Jesus?’ On that day, the festive mood was felt especially because anywhere you meet the students, they will greet you and each other happy fiesta and even with some teachers. In the CL (Christian Living) and Campus Ministry bulletin we put some catechesis and information about the feast and a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Helen Hechanova also initiated to put a big picture of the Sacred of Jesus in the chapel where the students as a class offered their output of their prayer and reflection of that morning, together with their class adviser. May the love of the heart of Jesus sustain us and strengthen us always to love Him and others selflessly. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.