SCLC ( Spinola Child Learning Center) Celebrates Mary’s Birthday

September 7, 2012, Friday, the Spinola Child Learning Center here in Zamboanga celebrates the birthday of our Blessed Mother Mary. The children prepared to pray, sing songs, offer flowers, fruits and a heart with the words “Mama Mary, Happy Birthday or I Love you Mama Mary, Happy Birthday” from the children.

A week ago, they were given the Catechesis of Mary being the mother of Jesus and the story of how she said YES to be the mother of Jesus. They always end their lesson praying “Hail Mary” or sing Ave Maria.

It was a simple celebration, but I am very sure this experience will always be part of the heart and mind of the children as they grow up. We hope that they will always remember in their heart that more than their very own mother, we have a mother who is so loving and is there always ready to love them, accept them and protect them as she loved, accepted and protected Jesus. “I Love You, Mama Mary and Happy Birthday!”