25 años del colegio Marcelo Spínola de Ipil (Filipinas)


Value: Joy
We had welcomed our last day with joy in our hearts as we celebrated the Eucharist with the families of our students and the whole school community. We enjoyed watching the tribute of our students and teachers to our founders through their gifts in dancing, acting and singing.  We were blessed to meet the first batch of Spinolanians who recalled memories of their stay in the school and shared laughters and joy as we shared the meals together. The ambiance was really that of festivity that filled everyone with gratitude and joy.
 We closed the week-long celebration through the Spinola Educators' Night. It had been a night full of emotions that made us shed tears of joy and gratitude as we shared memories of the beauty and even pains in taking part of the mission to share the personal love of God through education...of forming the hearts and the minds of the young. 
Here ends the Foundation Week and the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Marcelo Spinola School. 
Looking forward for the next 25 years and more!
Gracias Familia Spinola por acompañarnos con sus oraciones!


Day 5

Value: Communion
Indeed, it has been a day of communion: a communion with the Lord in the Holy Eucharist with Bishop Tonnel, the bishop of Ipil, who nourished us with his deep reflection on the celebration, a communion of students with their advisers and a  communion with the whole school community including the parents, ex-educators and the alumni during the showcasing and witnessing of the giftedness of each one in the Concert for a Cause "Beinte-Singkwento".
It was a day of remembering with joy and gratitude for all that has been. Viva Marcelo and Celia! Viva Marcelo Spinola School! Viva Heart of Jesus!  


Day 4

Values: Generosity and Availability

Today, we just had fun while preparing for the last 2 days...so grateful to those who give themselves to make the ambiance more joyful and festive. 


Day 3

Value: Charity

 On the 3rd day of the festivity, the school community has enjoyed the presence of our guests who came to share something about the state of life that they have chosen. Everyone is grateful for what they heard from them. 

In the afternoon, students had enjoyed the activities that brought them closer to the roots and with their talents, show their gratitude to our founders. 


Day 2: 

Values: Service and Solidarity. 

Today, we were blessed to be with our brothers and sisters in the jail, 120 children from Ruiz Ruiz and Don Andres Elementary School in our Love Drive Program and to be with the nature. At the end of this day, we were left with those faces of joy and gratitude. Thank you Lord! 


First Day of the Festivity

Value of the day: Gratitude

To celebrate with gratitude God’s love and fidelity and the gift of mission in strengthening communion and sharing joy to continually become a significant presence in the society as a Spinola Family.




Elmor Balnig, adc

Febrero 2020





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